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“Thoughts effect our Ups and Downs to Bliss”

Well, hard to believe we are in week 10 of MKMMA course. The waters were fairly calm this week on my ups and downs to bliss with this course, as we didn’t have a webinar Sunday or Monday night because of Thanksgiving in the States, which left me time to watch the Canadian Football Grey Cup Celebrations – wanted Ottawa to win in honour of a good friend of ours that died too young, and he was a big Ottawa fan. But they lost by 6 points. So I was up that they were in the Grey Cup, then I was down, because they lost.
I did get another year older, this Monday, and seemed to struggle more than normal with good thoughts, but the next morning I started to read Scroll 3 of the Greatest Salesmen, which helped me out. “I will persist and I will win”.
If you are just starting to read my blog at this stage of the game in our course, we finally hit the point of blogging where we were told we should try and have a theme for our blogs. I thought mine was water, which I am sure I will keep weaving in, so I had started out with a bit of theme in mind, but like water flowing to the sea, the course is building momentum in my life , in my spirit, in my health and my wealth of knowledge and now in my blog content.
So I am spreading my wings, time to get some of what I think, out there …. Not only about the course but about health, wealth, and about what ‘Good things – to think about! Last week was a big change for me with “To Paris with Love”. Thinking about love brings more love/thinking about hate brings more hate into the world!
My thoughts might still seem a bit scattered, but that again, is the ups and downs, of this course. But what I have found, from when I first started my journey to better health, like the circle of life, all of the information and experiences I have gone through have circled around to all say somewhat the same things only in different ways – those in the MKMMA course will see that this thought certainly rings true in the information and readings we do weekly!
Our class teachings about our subconscious – our lives certainly circle around and what we learned as a young child, we still carry with us. For those who believe in reincarnation, we can go a step farther and say that as spiritual beings we even carry over our phobias etc. that we had in past lives.
Okay, now that last paragraph was big stretch for many, so now stop and think about it, was your response based on your mind open to new ideas or were you about to stop reading my blog because the thoughts that your parents gave you, or a teacher or minister gave you, immediately made you ‘think’ that I must be a little crazy???
So I hope you have continued reading this blog, that you actually stopped and opened your mind to new ideas and possibilities. Think about it, have you ever wondered why you have a phobia about drowning, about some other thing that scares you, and you can’t figure out a rational reason why? One of mine is I really worry about food poisoning people, which I have never done, so I often wonder where that fear comes from???
So let’s think about all good thoughts this week, for the world, for our friends, yes and even for our enemies, for with good thoughts, our enemies may just become our best friends – think about it!

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Jason Parachnowitsch - December 6, 2015

Great post Connie!!

Dan the Man - December 6, 2015

Our past life! I always thought I was someplace else. Where did that habit come from. Hot spicy foods come to mind as I am the only one in the family from both sides that like it. Then there is my obsession for mideval times and sword play. Maybe I sat at King Arthur’s round table once or twice. Not to mention a time with the folks stoping someplace and I knew I was here before but Mom and Dad said we never where. I discribe the rooms in the house perfectly. It sure makes you think.

    Connie McCracken - December 6, 2015

    You are right Dan – past lives. It would be interesting to find out what they were – I did past life regression – sometime I will have to tell you about it.

Christine - December 4, 2015

Regarding your last thought about an enemy becoming a friend, I once had a lady I worked with who I just did not get and she would get on my nerves. I was able to socialize with her in a non-work setting and that changed everything. We learn to judge because I think maybe it is one of those primal things that saved your ancestor’s life. So, I forgive myself and try to keep this in mind when I am not understanding another human being, or animal, for that matter. Thanks for the post.

Love, Joy, Kindness, Abundance,

BArbara - December 4, 2015

It is nice to hear some other people talk about past life issues showing up in this life time. We are on the same page. But I believe we are here this life time to clear a lot of that old limiting garbage away once and for all. Keep up the great work. Barbara

    Connie McCracken - December 6, 2015

    Thanks Barbara – I believe we are here to live and learn – and we are sure are learning how to live in this course. Nice to hear from you!

Linda - December 3, 2015

Hey Connie, looks like I might be first to leave a comment this week. I’m with you — I can’t imagine where many strong individual tendencies come from except some past life experience. I always think about Mozart, who was already composing & performing as a young child. I’m sure he was building on abilities that he developed in previous lifetimes. Great to read your thoughts. & thanks for the link. I still can’t find your follow button. I tried looking from Firefox & don’t see it thru that browser either.

    Connie McCracken - December 6, 2015

    Marea said the only way to get on list is to fill in information for free emails. Thanks for having a read – and look at all of these young children now that know how to do amazing skills at age 3 etc. It makes sense they learned in a past life.

Roz - December 2, 2015

Connie, thought provoking, I heard you on the hump call tonight, with Jason, if you ever need to chat, I am here


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