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Walk with me along the steps I took from chronic infections, migraines and more, culminating in cancer…to being able to do so many things in life I was unable to do before. I don’t miss out on family events and fun now – I really got my life back! Plus my journey led to miraculously helping others along the way that were open to bettering their lives.I will also weave in many of the spiritual enlightenment steps along the way! My son calls me the new and improved momma LOL.

Master Key for Enlightenment 

Steps on my journey also led me to this wonderful course and experience. I was so happy to be able to participate because my health had improved enough I had the energy at 62 years young to take on this intense course which also benefited my life and spiritual outlook.I was also so pleased to take the sister course Go90GrowTM which helped benefit my multi-level marketing business. Because of the MKMMA course I now have the skills and website to be able to blog and hopefully be able to help many more of you fine people reading my information.

Journey to Children's Author

Along my journey to health, I had the nudge while recovering from cancer to fulfill a long-time dream of writing a children’s book. I had been really questioning why so many children had autism and was led to a movie called ‘Indigo’ and my research to help special children led to “Indigo Boy and Crystalline Girl” to help all special children and their parents realize they aren’t a diagnosis, they are very special.It seems I am now being called, thru discovering my definite major purpose in life via MKMMA skills that I need to continue to help myself and others through writing.… please wish me luck in my endeavor and watch for information on future publications.

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I began questioning why so many children were being diagnosed with autism which led me to self-publishing a children’s book “Indigo Boy and Crystalline Girl” to help children that may not feel they fit in, to see how special they really are. Below is a newscast regarding a study in Florida regarding help for children on the autism spectrum. I am a cancer survivor and as a network marketer I try to pay-forward to others information about the products and lifestyle that saved me.

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