img_2265-copyIn April of 2017 I became a best selling author on amazon with ten other courageous women in an anthology “Courage under Siege – Adversity to Victory”.  In my chapter I tell of how I went from very ill health, cancer and more to taking my health into my own hands and discovering how to be healthier mind, body and soul!

But, I still think of myself foremost as a mother of two grown sons who I cherish and wife to my high-school sweetheart for 41 years.

Along my journey to health, I began questioning why so many children were being diagnosed with autism which led me to self-publishing a children’s book “Indigo Boy and Crystalline Girl” in 2008 to help children that may not feel they fit in, to see how special they really are.  Below is a newscast regarding a study in Florida regarding help for children on the autism spectrum. I am a cancer survivor and as a network marketer I try to pay-forward to others information about the products and lifestyle that saved me.


Also as part of my journey to health and wealth I participated in the Masterkey Mastermind course with Mark J, Laziest Network Marketer and the sister course go90grow to improve my network marketing skills to help my team and others.  With colour code training I am able to communicate more effectively in my business and on a personal level!  Below is an interview after extra training in Kauai, Hawaii.





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