Nine Decades – Nine Lives, Book Launch, September 5, 2019

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I actually started out to write a novel…

‘Nine Decades- Nine Lives: A Life in Pieces’ actually started out to be a novel. Five years ago, after the death of my father, I decided to take the few notes I had written down over the years, and stories I could remember, putting them down on paper for others to read and relate to. I had often thought I should write a book about his unique life.

Another deciding factor in writing a book based on Dad’s life happened in his later years. When he slowed down, I used to get him large cloth bags of books from the library. He then would say, “Ya know, many of the stories are the same, just different locations, and names. The stories of Dad’s life, however, were unique, and I felt others would find reading them entertaining.

After taking a course about publishing, I realized that I probably wasn’t going to reach the 80,000-word count that traditional publishers wanted to see before even taking a look at my manuscript. So, I decided to just write the book for family and friends.

A few of the stories had to be a bit fictional …

Curley Curvin

So, therefore, it doesn’t read like a traditional biography. At the beginning of ‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives’, I mention that some names, places, etc. would be made up, as my memory of Dad’s stories is not as good as his had been. He always remembered each name and place as he embellished on the tale. I also found that by asking others about the stories, I wasn’t going to get all of the details accurately. But be assured, all of the stories did happen.

A warning comes with the book – “Nine Decades – Nine Lives’ which reads, “May cause moments of laughter, giggles, crying, wonder, and reflection. There are unique stories you probably have not heard before and others that will sound familiar and resonate with you.”

For more information, refer to the articles written in Trent Hills Now, “The Days of Pinballs and Jukeboxes”, and Daughter takes a trip down memory lane” in the Haliburton Echo.

I hope you will enjoy Curley’s stories, told in his voice, about a time gone by and how things have changed – oh so many changes!

The link again to purchase an ebook copy of ‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives: A Life in Pieces.

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