Praise for BestSeller ‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives”

‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives’ becomes Bestseller & International Hot New Release!

I was so excited and grateful to so many about the results of the launch of ‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives: A Life in Pieces’ on September 5th on Amazon Kindle. The cover now shows it with #1 Bestselling and International Hot New Release credentials.

As an author, you are always nervous about putting your work out there! You are nervous about what people will think of the story-line and writing skills! You wonder if you really have conveyed your stories so that people will laugh at the funny ones and tear up in the sad moments. I am so grateful and appreciative of the reviews so far and thank the relatives and friends that have already completed the book and let me know their feelings about ‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives’ in customer reviews, and personal messages.

If you have seen some of the publicity information I have previously sent out, and are thinking about getting a copy, here are some of the comments so far from people that knew Curley and others that did not…


I am so very grateful and appreciative of all of the following comments!

Judy A.

“I have only read the prologue, and I am hooked.    Going to put a review on Amazon for you right now.    Connie, you really have a way of putting thoughts down on paper. This is a crazy book.   You are telling the stories of my own life even right down to the hellgrammites.   I’m loving it.  I also love the push for climate change.   Your book is very cool.  

Judy helped me out even further by telling her friend that their name was in the book and is telling people they should get a copy – including a friend that owns the General store now in Young’s Point. 

She also really liked the poem my dad wrote about Elvis and thought I should send it to Forecast addiction center in Peterborough. 

Continuing on in a Facebook post, Judy said “Connie, your cover stands out and makes you go and look at the book.  Good job Connie.   I am so enjoying reading it.

Being so anxious while I awaited any first comments, it was so reassuring to hear Judy’s kind words!

Dan L.

Nice of Dan to message me, “So far so good.  It doesn’t read like your average book and I have to tell myself I’m listening to Curley spin his yarn.. lol   Prologue was interesting.  Sort of sets the scene of mystery.   I am reading about Gord’s death right now.  A lot of tears! Good reading though!”  “I finished the book.  Man, that ending was a little tough to get through.  You have done Curley proud Connie!” 

Dan went on to review the book by saying: 
“It seems like the Curvins have been part of my family since the day I stepped onto this planet. Curley, a tall man and to this young lad, he was a loud man with a booming authority voice. Almost frightening at times. Was he really Curley Curvin from Curve Lake? Connie’s book brings back many memories and I recall spending many a summer listening to Curly spin a yarn. I recall one time stopping at Curley’s and while there I kept pulling these sandwiches and fries out of the takeout bag when Curly bellowed a laugh saying “How many do you have in there? Where are you putting it?” I was gnawing down the fourth one at the time. I recommend Nine Decades, Nine Lives: A Life in Pieces to anyone who is not afraid of a good laugh and a cry at the same time. Curley will be missed but never forgotten. The Man, The Myth, the Legend Well Done Connie!

Brian A.

Brian was so kind as to post this customer review: “Interesting read about a man living a full life. Funny and sad times he battled thru. Although set in the Peterborough, Ontario area anyone can enjoy and relate.”

Kathy M. 

Awesome to get a Text from Kathy saying, “Just finished your book.  Amazing! Hard to put down.  Well done.”

Kathy also posted an Amazon review:  “Heartwarming story of the life of a very interesting man.   Amazing story.  Well written.  It was hard to put the book down.  Just kept wanting to see what interesting predicaments Curley would get into next.”  

Plus she texted later to say, “Recommending it to a friend for her book club!” So kind of her!

Wendy C.

So nice to receive this customer review: “Captivating, hard to put down – the descriptions of Curley’s adventures felt like you were there.  Well done Connie.” 

Softcover Launch – October 5th

Many are opting to wait and read about Curley from the softcover version and I look forward to hearing what they think.

The softcover launch will take place at Ricky’s All Day Grill, Monaghan Road, Peterborough, Ontario on Saturday, October 5, 2019, 2 to 4 p.m. with a reading at 2:30. Books will be $10.00 cash at the launch only while available copies last.

In memory of my Dad’s business, with the help of my sons, there will be a playlist of top Jukebox songs and tunes that have jukebox and pinball lyrics.

I look forward to celebrating this momentous occasion with friends and family.

For more information about ‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives: A Life in Pieces’ please visit my website at

Softcover copies are now available from

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