Follow my Alternative Health Journey – part B


My second post on my journey to better health follows my path through the world of alternative healing.

Many of the alternative healing techniques I tried have been around longer than mainstream medicine.   I love the early oriental philosophy that their doctors were trained to keep their patients well.   If someone died they had to make note of it on their signpost outside their office.   Now, we are more about getting ill and then heading to our physicians for treatments to reverse our disease.   Not enough emphasis on what caused our problem in the first place and prevention.

In my last blog, I told you how I had suffered most of my life with migraines,  severe lung issues, chronic infections and more.  Then after being diagnosed with cancer and  7 weeks of radiation to help eliminate it, I was  left with further health problems to contend with.    My health was at an all-time low and I was taking too many medications. So, I decided that I needed to find a way to prevent and reverse any more illness if I wanted to be able to enjoy life again.

So I started out on my journey to find a better way! Along the way it seemed that each person I met would give me the nudge or clue towards the next means I would try.

Some of the alternative healing methods I discovered on my journey

As only makes sense, I have discovered and believe the road to better health needs a holistic approach. Better habits and knowledge in organic nutrition, energy healing techniques, alternative healing medicines and spiritual healing.  I am not saying there is not a time for main-stream medicine.   However, it is better to find out what and how to eliminate a problem by natural means. It is harder to reverse an illness after our weakened immune systems have led us to yet another illness.   Also, pharmaceutical drugs are hard on our livers.  They can also cause, in some cases, nastier side effects than the condition we are taking them for.

There are a lot of people in the world trying to help others with their particular piece of the puzzle.  We just need to be able to open our minds to the possibilities.   Our subconscious minds are making decisions about what is best for us before we have even started to think for ourselves.   Since we were children our subconscious has been led to believe that, ‘the doctor is always right’ and ‘we must follow doctors orders.

Luckily, there is a shift going on and many people are being more self-directed thinkers. Even though many doctors truly care for their patients,  they only know what they have been taught.  Many treatments which we use now, will be thought of as barbaric and cruel in the near future.  Also, doctors’  knowledge is pharmaceutical based.  A pill for everything.  Unfortunately, we keep requiring more pills, to compensate for the side-effects of many medications.

Pharmaceuticals are now injuring and killing more and more people.  You just have to google to find many articles are being written on this subject.  The message is starting to get out to consumers.

There are many ways of healing that are now more accepted.   At one time chiropractors were considered voodoo and now they are covered by health insurance.  There are more and more naturopaths and people are using massage and energy healing.

When starting out on my journey, I read books such as Energy Medicine,  by Donna Eden.   I also read and viewed videos of Adam Dreamhealer helping people recover from cancer and more.

There were many good ways I tried  to improve my health. Some were:  acupuncture, yogwater-1245677_960_720a and chiropractors.   I even tried past life regression hypnosis, because I had heard it helped with pain issues and more.   I am sure all of them were a stepping stone to my better health.  And, I  will probably talk more about all of the above in future blogs.

My journey continues to lead me down roads of new possibilities.  Such as sound therapy, based on our energy vibrations providing more energy and helping to unblock chakras.   There is also more information appearing on how we need to release hurt, and past experiences which are making us ill.  Even to the point of a theory that past life trauma follows us and causes health issues.  And of course, I believe we need to get out in nature, fresh air and truly de-stress and meditate.

Because the fact is that our technology such as cell phones and microwave ovens  are affecting our health.   Preservatives, additives, colouring, hormones, pesticides and more have left us with foods that no longer provide us with life.  But, actually, shorten our life span.   Our bodies were not made to process all of the chemicals.  The foods we have been feeding our children are poisoning them instead of nourishing them.   Sadly, most of the changes were made in the name of bigger profits for the corporate leaders.

My Biggest Healing Discovery   thought

Luckily, in my journey, I was finally led to my biggest discovery in improving my health and
lifestyle.   I took a ‘brain gym’ class   with my business partner, Linda Clarke.  She introduced me  to a natural product that would change my health and life.

It provides a food source that makes our immune systems work better.   We are not getting what we need for optimum health from our food, quite the opposite.  So we need to add in the food source to repair our immune systems. Then our immune systems can go to work to fix our health issues.

A big change to our food source was when milk was pasteurized. The molecule our immune systems need to work properly was destroyed and our glutathione levels went down.  Glutathione is our master anti-oxidant and cell defense against free radicals and more.   In his book ‘Breakthrough in Cell Defense’  Dr. Bounous, ‘grandfather of glutathione’ discusses how he made this amazing health discovery for the 21st century.  Forty years of research and studies would have his discovery listed in the physicians’ desk references in Canada and U.S.

Because of a small package of specially processed, bonded cysteine, some people have  reversed many health issues and wanted to share their miracle stories. (see more testimonials & info)  Being so fortunate to improve my health, I became an independent consultant to also help others.

One of the great ways I have helped, family especially:   I received a text from my sister-in-law a year and a half ago that my brother would die shortly.  Luckily because I had pursued alternative healing, I was able to help him do what the doctors said they were unable to do.  I knew I could save my brother because COPD was one of the illnesses listed in the PDR in the States.  Pretty happy to say his lungs and heart are doing so much better.  His schizophrenia and other low glutathione symptoms have also improved. What a great day when hospice closed his file!

So I am glad that I have made wonderful discoveries. Learning and studying has led me to be even more of a  self-directed thinking person.  It is my hope you will be open to the possibilities as well.




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Dan Linkert - December 9, 2016

I’ll Do It My Way!
Where have I heard that before? Old Blues Eyes, and I not referring to Frank Sanatra here.
That was the main saying of my father, who by the way had the most loving Blue Eyes.

Perhaps a little self centred but in todays medical world, one has to be to survive.

Keep Going Conster!

    Connie McCracken - December 13, 2016

    hey Dan – it didn’t show you sent a comment and it was already approved. Anyway, really appreciate hearing from you. Was wondering at no comments at all. I remember your dad’s wonderful smile more than the colour of his eyes. You miss him very much!


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