Do You Know What Glutathione is? Do You Know How Important it is?


Why You Probably Haven’t Heard of Glutathione (GSH)

Although glutathione is necessary to your health and well-being, there is no blood test available to check levels.  Doctors, therefore, are not checking for it.  Although, if you are continuously getting sicker, pretty good indication that your immune system is not working efficiently. ( See Dr. Hyman video below re diseases he refers to being low glutathione diseases. )

Also, you probably won’t hear about glutathione from your doctor because they work within the realm of pharmaceuticals.    Most have very little knowledge about nutrition.  So, although there is a nutriceutical listed in the CPS,  that can raise your GSH levels, they will probably not be aware of it.   (CPS is the physician’s desk reference they refer to re pharmaceuticals and side effects, etc.)

What is Glutathione

(GSH) is a substance made up of 3 amino acids, glutamate, glycine and most importantly, cysteine.  Glutamate and glycine are available for the production of glutathione by our cells.  Bonded cysteine, however, must be ingested to complete the process.  Without glutathione, our immune systems are not working functionally.


Why Do We Need to Produce More Glutathione Daily

Our levels go down daily, from stress, toxins, pollution, trauma and every time we fight an infection.

And, since milk was pasteurized we are not getting the building block, bonded cysteine, needed to make glutathione.   Thus, we are all trying to function with an immune system that isn’t getting the nutrient it needs.

Also, GSH cannot be ingested as digestion breaks down the cysteine.  Much the same as pasteurization breaks down the cysteine we need from milk.   Glutathione must be produced within the cells of both humans and animals.

There are a few foods that provide cysteine, but not in the quantities often needed.

  • Some vegetables – LOTS of raw broccoli
  • Meat – RAW
  • Eggs – RAW
  • Milk – RAW (hard to get)
  • Breast milk (even harder to get)

To Know the Ways Glutathione Helps you the acronym  An IDEA is helpful.

“AN”          ANTIOXIDANT     

GSH is your master antioxidant.   If you are taking other antioxidants such as Vit C, E or selenium, they are not working efficiently for you.

“I”               IMMUNE SYSTEM

Specialist in glutathione, Dr. Jimmy Gutman, says “Glutathione is food for the immune system”.   You need to keep your GSH  levels up for your immune system to work efficiently.   It eliminates harmful invaders in our bodies that result in illness.

“D”             DETOXIFICATION

Your organs use glutathione for detoxification: we need to detoxify from so many sources…

  • Liver to eliminate toxins
  • Kidneys to protect against toxins as they pass through
  • Lungs to protect against inhaled toxins
  • Eyes to protect against ultraviolet radiation
  • Every cell used glutathione to detoxify, brain, muscles, blood vessels, digestion, and skin.

So I think the importance of glutathione is becoming very clear!

“E”              ENERGY

Low on energy, top up your glutathione levels and start getting the energy you need for a busy day!

“A”             ANTI-AGING

A study done in 1994 shows (photo) that GSH levels go down with age.   Therefore, to reverse symptoms of the aging process it only makes sense to top up your levels.

Bottom line:   You need glutathione to prevent and reverse disease.  But, you are not getting the bonded cysteine you need in your diet to bring up your levels.   What are you going to do about it?

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