Why Women Like Network Marketing

There are many reasons women are choosing to stay home with their families and make a career in network marketing.   Here are some benefits of a  legitimate home based business:

  1. First, on the list has to be about new mothers. I can remember how I felt after the birth of my first son.   How I couldn’t imagine leaving him, let alone with someone else.   I wish I had known about network marketing.  So if mothers can work from home, they can be with their children and still make money for the family.
  2. Many network marketing products promote better health, so many women help their families get healthier as well.
  3. With a home based business, women have more money in their pockets because of the tax benefits they receive.
  4. Women network marketing from home can help other women learn that they can stay home also. Empowering and teaching each other to succeed.
  5. Women working together can create 4-year careers instead of 40-year careers. So, they can enjoy even more time with their families and friends.
  6. Network marketers help each other to succeed. They encourage instead of compete with each other.
  7. Many women leave the rat race corporate world, and work from home. Less stress and more nurturing.
  8. Women like that they can be more themselves, save on clothing and save time and money on commute. With their home based business they can also deduct any travel expenses their home based business may incur.   More savings.
  9. Incentive trips can be the extra fun in their lives that they need!
  10. There is no cap on how much they can make with an mlm company, so no limit on how much they can help their families.

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Dan Linkert - March 13, 2017

Hey Momma!

Great Post!
Think I might just have a sex chance, it sounds so inviting!

Ok! When you pick yourself up off the floor, give yourself a pat on the back! LOL

The only thing I can think you need to add or in another post is how the working Hubby feels about having the wife home with the kids and making money.
Well Done!

    Connie McCracken - March 13, 2017

    Thanks for the kind comments!! Maybe you could do from a male perspective?? You said sex chance instead of change LOL


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