Practice Makes Perfect


Do you remember when your mom or dad use to tell you practice makes perfect?

I didn’t always agree.  I do a lot of typing, and I am sure, not perfect.   lol  But I am definitely better than if I didn’t type as much as I do!

But the fact is, that everything is easier if we practice.   Everything becomes easier to do after we have repeated it over and over again.   In fact, it finally becomes a part of us and our subconscious – a habit – something we perform without even thinking about it.

Do you stop and think about how to change gears in a standard car, or when you need to brake while driving   If you can’t think of a password on a keypad, sometimes your fingers will know the answer anyway?

In business, we need to learn the skills that will help us succeed.   Especially communication skills when you are in a network marketing business.  But, often we are reading about what we should say so our prospects will listen. Agreeing with what we read. But not actually, practicing and putting what we learn into our business.

Then we fall back on some of our old habits and just say too much.   Plus without knowing some tips to get past the salesmen’s filter, our prospects are not listening.

Network Marketers Really Need to Be Ready when they run into someone they can help!

So, in network marketing, we need to learn skills and be ready to use them when we hear someone saying they have a problem we might be able to help them with.    As an example,  if you just ran into someone in the supermarket checkout line, that you hear might be interested in your product or plan.  Then, you don’t have time to think about what that great opening line was that you just read.    You need to have said it over in your mind and possibly with a practice partner so that it rolls off your tongue before you miss your opportunity to help that person, plus your business!

What some of the Pro’s Say About Practice

As a great MLM leader, Big Al says, “Learning and not doing is the same as not learning at all“.  So instead of just taking notes, we have to put our new skills to practice.”

I recently took a great online training course and then attended a live event training in Kauai, Hawaii with Mark J.     ‘ world’s laziest network marketer’.  He teaches the 5 p’s   Persistent Practice Produces Perfect Presentations!  His wife, the fabulous Davene, came up with the line it takes GUTS to do network marketing…





So we need to practice and then go and use what we have practiced.   The more we use our skills, the better we will get until we won’t even have to think about what to say, we will communicate easily and successfully.

Now to practice more of what I preach!




















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Robert Rea - January 27, 2017

Great idea and honest to what we all need a little of. Practice.

Joy, Peace & Light – BE – with you always; all ways.


    Connie McCracken - February 6, 2017

    thanks for commenting – I missed this somehow. Need more practice LOL


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