Psst gals – five things you might not have heard, but need to know!




7  IMPORTANT tips to help prevent breast cancer you might not have heard of….



As a cancer survivor, these are some of the tips I pass on whenever I get a chance to help others with breast health.


  1. Ladies if you can’t go without a bra, at least stop wearing an underwire.  This will help with circulation and elimination of toxins.
  2. It is a good idea to lift each breast and massage along the ribs to help with circulation and elimination of toxins.  Making this a habit while in the shower is a good idea.
  3. What you put on your skin affects your health!!! Even name brand products can be making you sick, so make sure your skin products are safe.  One website you can check to find safe products is http://ewg.or/skindeep.   A facial skin line that I know is safe enough to eat, is Elasense.   Most of the healthier brands can usually be found at a health food store.  Many network marketing companies have very good products as well.
  4. Talking about what you put on your skin, make sure you are using a deodorant that is not contaminating your system and lymph nodes with cancer causing agents. So do your research, and again the EWG website can be helpful.  And definitely,  do not use antiperspirants.
  5. To help eliminate toxins you might have already ingested, breathed in or applied to your skin, raise your glutathione levels. This will help to detox chemicals that may be making you ill.  Raising your glutathione levels also improves your immune system/overall health.
  6. THINK only about good health!!  The more we learn about the mind and what we can produce in the future – You are what you THINK.   So very simply everytime a thought about ill health comes into your head replace it by repeating over and over again something like “I am healthy, wealth and wise”.  Whatever works, but make all your thoughts positive ones about what you want your life to be like.   A very special mantra that can be used to heal most aspects of your life:  “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”   Make a poster and place all over your house, repeat it often.   When you wake up at night is a good time to repeat it.   Say it first thing in the morning and last thing at night!
  7. We are hearing more and more about cell phone use not being healthy.   Some gals that keep their cell phones in their bra or shirt pocket are experiencing breast cancer.   So best to keep those phones away from your body.

These are tips that should be passed on to your daughters also!

Wishing you great health, happiness, and wealth!


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