Spring – time to spring into a new career?


Spring into a fresh new start –

  trust that you can do something new and different.




I love spring.  The bird’s singing and gathering for their nests.  The smell in the air.  Everything fresh and new.   Small plants breaking thru the earth.  Miracles all around.

Feeling rejuvenated and looking forward to summer and fun times – vacationing somewhere on the water.

But,  if taking a vacation isn’t in your future because you need to work so many hours just to put food on the table.  If your pay cheque doesn’t always get you from week to week.   If, you are you scared about having enough money for the future or you just want more in life, such as your children attending college without huge debt?  Maybe it’s time to spring – take the leap – into trying another way of life – at least on a part-time basis.

Rise of the Entrepreneur

I just watched Rise of the Entrepreneur with Eric Worre, network marketing “Go Pro” author explaining how times have changed.  The industrial revolution is over and we need to change how we think about our lives and earning money.

And no better way than to have your own legitimate home based business.   Joining a network marketing team with a good product and team upline can change your life.  It isn’t a get rich quick scheme.  You need to learn skills and put continuous effort into your business over several years in order to develop residual/ walk away income.  Which can then result in providing time freedom and fun as your team keeps working.

Personal Growth & Changing Lives

My company and network marketing have led me on a journey to better health, new discoveries about myself and others.  I have read more and taken more course towards improvement and personal growth in the last couple of years than the last several decades.  It has led me to new friends, blogging on my own website, and working on publishing more articles and books.  My son even calls me the new and improved momma.  LOL

Network marketing times magazine in one of its issues lists the many cultures and countries that have been helped by network marketing.  And the great thing is, what you hear over and over again, when they are interviewing team leaders is that they say the best part is knowing that they have changed people’s lives along the way for the better.   I like to help people with their health and wealth so that keeps me positive about changes I have needed to make and learn to be more confident for success.  It is my passion to pass on my good fortune of having found a product that saved my life.   A product that I have been able to help open-minded friends and family with.

For things to change you need to change!

For things to change, we need to change.   A good team leader can provide the skills you need to learn to succeed.   They can help with a new mindset and a new fresh start.  Provide their help for free!    They want you to succeed.  Instead of competing, we help each other to grow.   Give more – get more.

You will need to commit time and effort.  Will there be some ups and downs?  Of course, there will.  But, unlike traditional business which is very expensive and requires hiring accountants, shippers, etc.; network marketing companies do all of the shipping and paycheques for you.    Also, tax savings with a legitimate home based business can in most cases pay for your startup and monthly expenses.  So what’s holding you back?  Especially if your monthly purchases are a health product that can make a difference in your well-being.

Spring forward into what could be a four-year career as opposed to a 40-year career.

Wishing you great health and wealth!

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