Want to be richer in 2017? Visualize it!

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Now being richer  can mean different things to different people!


So you would like to be richer?  Everyone has to visualize and make a clear movie of how they would like their life to be in 2017.   You have the chance to write the script on how you would like to be richer in the new year.  Then you also need to view that movie daily.  View it with feelings and the confidence that it is happening as you visualize it.   Wrap lots of feelings of joy into your movie!   Use all of your senses.  Experience your new life in all its glory!  Make a plan on how you will realize your movie.   If you sit still (meditate) ideas may come to you on how you can make a plan to realize all that you are visualizing in your movie.


I would like to be making more money in my network marketing business, which will make me richer in  many ways. It would be great having more of the things that make life special. Like being able to travel and spend time with family and friends at fun events.   But, especially being able to help others.  And, being in my business makes me richer already.  I already have the means to help others with my time, knowledge and desire.  It is my hope to help  more people with their personal growth, health and wealth.


I have discussed in other blogs that visualizing what you want to have and do differently, can be a very powerful tool.   But also working as a team towards similar goals is also part of the puzzle.


Working in a mastermind group works particularly well in a multi-level marketing business. If we decide that I will work really hard to help you achieve a goal, then we can mastermind together so that you will help me realize a goal also.   And, the reality is that if you are in my downline, helping you helps me anyway.   Also, my business helps fulfill my desire to help others.  So, I am lucky that I get to help people with their health and wealth!  And, work in a business that is about supporting each other instead of competing for a piece of the pie!

Colour codes

I will blog further in 2017 about how knowing a person’s colour code can also help with business and all relationships, because I understand my feelings and the feelings of others.  I can talk to others in a language that makes sense for their colour.  For example, a red personality is about money so I would talk to them about finances.   A yellow personality likes to have fun, so talking to them about finances would be boring, but they would love to hear about fun things to do.


My core colour is blue, which means as I have mentioned several times, that  I like to help others!  I have high integrity and if I choose to have a relationship of some sort with someone, I try to be as understanding and sincere as I can.   However, sometimes I might do this to the point I should be helping myself, but I spend time helping others instead.

It is my wish to help many in 2017, and I try to focus on the fact  that my business will grow because of my desire to help others.    I truly wish all could be happy, healthy, wealthy   and living the life that they dream of!

So, don’t just make that New Year’s Resolution and forget about it the next day.   You need to visualize what you would like to see in your life.   Turn it into a movie that you play over and over again daily.   Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is really happening and what you are visualizing is your new reality.  Add emotion and a burning desire!   You can attract situations and opportunities towards your life goals.

Believe yourself a very happy New Year!


Remember what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.


I wish you and all a happy new year, and hope we all visualize a better, happier world in 2017!  Together we can make a difference!



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Linda Clark - January 5, 2017

Connie, what a rich offering of ideas & wishes for a RICHER new year. May you attain all that’s in your movie, and more, with love, Linda

    Connie McCracken - January 7, 2017

    Hey thanks Linda. I believe 2017 is going to be a great year! Happy new year to you.

Ryan McCracken - December 13, 2016

Keep it up Momma! Always proud of your journey, your heart, and your vision.

    Connie McCracken - December 14, 2016

    Well, your comment got tears – I guess enough said! lol Thanks for commenting – appreciate it.


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