THINK ABOUT IT …. “Thoughts effect our Ups and Downs to Bliss” Well, hard to believe we are in week 10 of MKMMA course. The waters were fairly calm this week on my ups and downs to bliss with this course, as we didn’t have a webinar Sunday or Monday night because of Thanksgiving in […]

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MKMMA Experience – Week 8

  I Guess We Should …      Cut the Cord???     Well, week 8, Sunday night webinar, was starting to tie everything we were learning together, until I had to put the breaks on.   LOL   Mark J. was talking about a person in mlm marketing that was making $60,000 a month, and Mark had kept […]

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MKMMA Experience – Blog 7

All you need is   So we are on to learning new ways of putting the love into everything we do! Teaching the subconscious that like the Beatles said – “All ya need is love” dah dah dah dah dah… I always felt that I did try to be a kind, generous person and that […]

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MKMMA Experience – Week 6

Put on Your Big Girl Pants … to Great Health and Wealth!   Learning more this week from my MKMMA experience, I laughed the first time I heard Mark J. mention to “put on your big girl/boy pants”.   My youngest son would say this to me when I was in situations where, although I usually remained […]

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