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Remembering Dan Linkert

The year 2020 was already a terrible start to the decade as the world stopped for the Coronavirus and our long quarantine began. But we’d had a brief reprieve and the world was starting to open up and we could get to see some friends and family again. Then on September 11, 2020, my mind […]

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Help Others

woman work

In our MKMMA course and cousin course go90grow (to help network marketers) we learn a lot about different personalities and how our minds work, so we know better how to help others. We take a colour code test to see what type of person we are. Then we use our knowledge to best communicate with […]

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Think about helping our world!

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Well, graduation has come and gone. Our MKMMA course came to an end, but our work on ourselves and our desires and dreams have not! We all continue to try and help our world. We were offered a lifelong membership and option to continue on monthly for a while, which I am doing, but we […]

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eyes beach

MKMMA Experience – Week 24 – Final thoughts matter – Listen to this poem by Walter D. Wintle – born in late 19th century. It is hard to believe but electrons would remain electrons unless directed where to go to be assembled into atoms and molecules and this director is MIND creating MATTER. Well, this […]

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The power of love- stop bullying yourself

beach heart

Masterkey Experience – Week 23 Please click on the heading of this blog to show share icons at bottom of page and be eligible for free info. (Funny thing, my husband recently picked up a cd of Huey Lewis – he wasn’t looking for it, just had to pick one cause it was a special deal, but we […]

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