Masterkey experience – Week 9 “To Paris With Love”


To Paris with Love

Our course is centered on what you think, you get.  Give more Love get more love!

Your thoughts are manifested in your world….

We have also been learning the seven different ways of learning and

the last few weeks have been about learning musicically.

So, I am glad this was not the week that I gave up watching TV for a week, because all that we are learning was so eloquently spoken during the American Music Awards.   One of the presenters, Jared Leto, introduced Canadian, Celine Dion who sang a tribute to Paris in French.

During his introduction  Jared brought home the importance of our thoughts!

“It was a horrific evening on November 13, 2015, in Paris, when 129 died and 368 were injured by terrorists.”

Jared talked about  friends and colleagues that were lost, but mentioned one particular man, Antoine.  Antoine’s reply to the devastating loss:

“You took an exceptional life Friday night!  The love of my life, and the mother of my son!  But you will not have my hatred – you asked for it, but responding with hatred and anger is falling victim to the same ignorance that has made you what you are!  You want me to be scared and view my countrymen with mistrust.  To sacrifice my liberty for security – but you lost!

We are just two now, my son and I, but we are stronger than all the armies in the world.  Peace is possible!”

We are what we think – God bless Antoine and his son.

I trust that the entire alliance, with loving thoughts, will send peaceful, healing thoughts –

to Paris with Love!

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Leslie Evans - December 7, 2015

Beautiful post, Connie. I think we all feel for Paris. I love the way you tie Antoine’s message to all that we are learning.

    Connie McCracken - December 10, 2015

    thanks Leslie – I appreciate your support and kind words. Hope you are having a great week.

Darren Neilson - November 29, 2015

Bless you all

Danny Linkert - November 29, 2015

To Paris wit Love.

Richard Angel - November 28, 2015

I appreciate your care and love for others. The one thing we should always do against tyranny is always stand together.

    Connie McCracken - November 29, 2015

    Thanks for the support! Appreciate your kind comments very much! Connie

Glenn - November 26, 2015

God bless Antoine and his son, and all others with similar challenges.

    Connie McCracken - November 29, 2015

    Thanks for your supportive comment! Wishing you a great week 10 Connie


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