Get Happy – Make Others Happy

Week 20     Happiness Comes from Within – then

we can change the without!

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I just love these little guys singing ‘Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Just listening makes me happy!

We don’t succeed and find happiness – we find happiness within, then succeed.

We are all nature’s greatest miracles with unique gifts – are you using yours to help the world?

We can change the world.

Start by changing your world within and then spread that happiness and love around!

If you read my blog last week – 21 days to a happier you, you realize that happiness is not on the other side of the goal posts. You need to be happy from within and that changes your without. We truly are nature’s greatest miracles and all have unique gifts that we can use to change the world.

In our MKMMA course we learn that our happiness is found from within not without – then we are challenged to help others. I learned this week that if I have made it this far in the course that I have a genetic predisposition to do more – I have always wanted to help others, and I hope that now I will have the ability to do even more…..

Watch this clip – it will go in reverse and that is what we need to do – we need to reverse the wrongs of the world and use our unique talents to do so. I believe the people in our course will change the lives of many and you can be a part of the next MKMMA course.

Let’s spread love and happiness – let’s make a difference.

Think about it – you can help change the world – think about starting to change it one little kindness at a time. Spread just a little more happiness. Let the world know how they can change and control their lives from within.

Thinking good thoughts helps the world – think happiness and peace for all!

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Dan the Man - February 21, 2016

Nice Blog Connie.
I would say after being in Las Vages you are really Happy!
Surprised you didn’t use the song Don’t Worry Be Happy.

BArbara - February 20, 2016

Finding happiness within just makes so much sense. Why I have never realized this before or had it taught to us is dumb founding. But at least I know NOW!!!!!! Thanks for the videos. Awesome.


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