Masterkey Experience – riding the waves WEEK 1



Wow what a rush of emotions, uncertainties, adrenaline, relief, tears of joy and whatever else those tears are all about, LOL.

Yes, I am describing week 1 of MKMMA six month training course.

I was out of town the weekend of our first Sunday webinar and not sure how much I would be printing out (and my colour code is blue) so I stocked up on toner and paper. Luckily I learned just before leaving for the weekend that I could download and print my lessons and a good thing, because I really needed to read over some of the information. I was also lucky to get the email and register before I left town.

Sunday night arrived, and it was an information packed roller-coaster webinar! Head spinning!

But I was reassured by some of the next day comments, such as, “Feels like I just got hit by a mack truck”, that I was not the only person feeling a little overwhelmed.   The webinar coming from   Hawaii, I think the experience might have had the rush of the first time you try to get up on a surf board and you realize you are starting in the big wave surf.   Now, I have never surfed before, even though I have visited Hawaii, but I am thinking that my stomach, head and nerves would be upside down and swirling as though I had just wiped out.

But, plunging on to writing my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) , it seemed to flow from my pen, so I am hoping that was a good sign that universal knowledge was helping me. And, that my new guide won’t say, “Well, maybe we should just start over”.   Yikes!

Still trying to get all of my new lessons accomplished, this is my first blog for the course, first blog ever, except for a few lines when I set up my page, so I hope it has been somewhat interesting and surely heartfelt.

I think I am already feeling more energized and excited by the entire experience!

Can’t wait to get on the next wave – I think it’s going to be an awesome ride.   On to week 2. …    Connie, the momma, McCracken


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