MKMMA Experience – Week 3

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Well, when I was meditating on this, the words were flowing, but now that I am trying to recall my great ideas at the time, they aren’t coming quite as fast.   However, I do recall, that Mark J mentioned to see the connections between things this week, and although this is not what I think he had in mind, when thinking about my post this week – I thought, well, I have kind of started a bit of a water and surfing theme (any co-incidence to the fact that I am a blue personality)?  And this relates to me and my DMP how?

So, while digging into my life, and what I want, I have been saying for years that I wanted to live by the water.   But lately, that has been changing, I am older, and more convenient, I guess, to live in town?   But also I can see in my future that my journey to better health has led me to be able to travel and my DMP is to definitely travel more!   Delving into my inner-self, I can’t help but think that I have, since I can recall, dreamed of the same location, on the water with a large rock cliff to the right of me.   Past life experience?   Not sure, but sure has been a recurring recollection.   And, when told to go to my happy place, it is always on the water.   If I am frustrated, mad or upset, you know where to look for me down by the water, and luckily where I live, a few minutes in any direction can have me beside a river or lake. So ain’t I lucky.

Analyzing further, if I am crossing a bridge, (like the one used to describe going towards our DMP) the draw of the water or the energy that I receive from it, is always noticeable to me.   Especially the bridge over the waterway in which my brother drowned in his early 20s.   You would think that would have made me want to stay away from water.   But no, I loved water-skiing when I was young, and have not had the opportunity, for many years, to do so.   Cancer eight years ago and radiation made me nervous for several reasons to try waterskiing again, but main reason was that the radiation was to have affected my bones, so my conscious mind was saying   NOOOOO!!     I did, however, get up on a paddle board and got to glide around a lake for a bit this summer, so can take that off my bucket list.   Tried kayaking, thinking it would be easier than canoeing – WRONG! Landed literally, on my arse, (as the Newfoundlander’s would say}, which I was reminded of daily for several weeks – certainly slowed down my walking   lol

So where are all of these ramblings about water leading me, not quite sure, but I certainly am on a river of emotions!   Maybe my talking about water is part of washing away my old blueprint? Water and rebirth?   Well, now I am getting even too mystical/analytical even for me!   Lol

Maybe week 4 will lead me to answers…

I do know all of this self-analysis has led me to rethink one of my PPNs(Personal Pivotol Needs) – so think I will work that into my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) rewrite for this week.

And, I guess the point of my information sharing for this week is that my blog is still on the theme of water and water sports.   Really wondering where these wild waves of emotions, ideas and inner thoughts will lead to next week??


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Debra - October 14, 2015

Maybe you are going down the river and trying to figure out which dreams are yours and which dreams are from others. I know that I have been realizing that I am now more in charge of my life’s path.

    mommamccracken - October 14, 2015

    Thanks for the suggestion. Glad you are figured out what you want. I have been struggling with which 2 PPNs I should be using? Going to change one this week when I redo my DMP I think.

dannycl - October 14, 2015

Hey Connie!
I can’t help but think with all that water talk your subby is traveling back to a time when you where Queen on the water skies. Least in my mind. 🙂 And life was more relaxed and carefree. I know how you feel as I too would prefer to be on the water, for its calming and soothing effects put the sole at ease with the world without. Although water does flush out the crap in life.

    mommamccracken - October 14, 2015

    Thanks for the comment – think you are right about water cleansing us!

    mkmmaroz - October 20, 2015

    Yes I am having really weird dreams, but I have a small place near water totally destresses me, but that will wait till nest summer , enjoyed your blog great insight


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