MKMMA Experience – Week 6

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Put on Your Big Girl Pants …

to Great Health and Wealth!


Learning more this week from my MKMMA experience, I laughed the first time I heard Mark J. mention to “put on your big girl/boy pants”.   My youngest son would say this to me when I was in situations where, although I usually remained as strong as possible, he would see me faltering.   He’d say, come on, “Put on your Big Girl Pants”, you can do this.   And how many times had I said to him “You can Do This”, shouting it from the sidelines of football fields and wrestling mats.

But the point Mark J. is making, is it is time to put on your Big Girl & Boy pants and start to think for yourself and control those thoughts to better your health, life, happiness and Bliss…

How often did I want to say, when trying to make people understand how much the product I took to save my life helped me and could help them, that they needed to think for themselves and not always rely on what their doctor’s said, because the doctors were working with only the information they had learned.   I have to admit, I was hurt that they did not have faith in how I was trying to help them.   But then I started to learn more about how the mind works, even before the MKMMA journey began.   That the subconscious, making the decisions, was basing the reply on all of the information they had learned from other people.   And, yes, much of that information was from the perspective of a very young child.   Also, that depending on the language I used (and Mark is always telling us how important wording is) they just didn’t understand what I was saying – like speaking another language and if they heard anything that sounded like ‘salesmen lingo’ look out, the wall went up and nothing else got through.   Too bad, because I have helped many that I did convince, that there were other ways to prevent and reverse disease.

Some of those good old saying are so true!   We are what we eat! We are what we Think!

One my mom use to say was “Think of the Devil and they Will Appear”, but if you had really been thinking about someone a lot, quite often you would get a call from them!

Now, don’t get me wrong, the subby has some very good advice for us, like the feeling that someone is not safe and we should get away as quickly as possible. But, the fact that subby thinks, as a child learned – To stay away from strangers – Is not a good thing to be listening to over and over if you are in sales/marketing and you are afraid to talk to strangers LOL   Just doesn’t work out well, so that is where our MKMMA training is going to be so HELPFUL!

So, this is how the course is further helping my health and happiness, by controlling my thoughts about strangers, that I can talk to strangers,   By controlling my thoughts I don’t need to be so nervous when speaking.   By controlling my thoughts and helping my inner light to shine with love and care, people will hear my stories better!

An example of this happened this week.   I had a great ‘aha’ moment.   I had helped my brother to reverse many of the symptoms he had with last stages of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and schizophrenia.   I was asked to share his story on an information call with my business partner interviewing me and the call would include people from across Canada and US.   And, I have to admit before MKMMA, even if I seemed to have a calm exterior, I would feel my heart start to beat harder and faster and I would worry about what people thought, which I am sure affected what I said and how I sounded, but I found that I was a lot calmer this time, and just really wanted people to hear my story, so I could help more. As a result, I got a very nice note from one of the listeners that said my kind, giving spirit came through on the call and thanked me for a great experience.   How kind and awesome was that note!   Made me feel ‘this little light of mine’ is shining brighter!   Which made me so much happier – and I wanted to pass on some kindness via Facebook and Twitter – how awesome this world is going to be, filled with more love and kindness!

How many people who are on pharmaceuticals for depression, anxiety and other mental issues are going to be helped by our knowledge of alternative healing and controlling our thoughts – A DREAM COME TRUE.

So, although, I will still go down to the water, to walk by my favourite lake, river or stream to calm my mind, it is so great that I have more tools in my tool kit and

‘I will be, what I will to be….’

Wishing you great health and wealth,     Connie (the momma) McCracken


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Darren Neilson - November 12, 2015

Thxz for you wonderful blog. I know, its a tough, when you are trying to help people and our our agenda comes through our feelings. The subby is so powerful.

    Connie McCracken - November 19, 2015

    Thanks Darren for your helpful comments. mahalo Connie

masterkeycskjerpen - November 7, 2015

Great experience, keep shining like the star you are

masterkeyjac - November 6, 2015

Very inspiring read. And yes, I see your light shining from here 🙂


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