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Finding inner power!


MKMMA Experience – week 22   Our lesson in the MKMMA course this week still leads us to be still and find inner power of God or universal power, which we can all draw on if we learn how. We all need to know that we can draw power from the universe. After you realize […]

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Prayer – thinking good thoughts


MKMMA Experience Week 21 – Prayer – sending out good/positive thoughts and love to the universe …to create miracles Dictionary definition of prayer :                                                       1. request for help or expression of thanks made to God or a God 2. (prayers) a religious service at which people gather to pray together 3. an earnest hope or […]

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Get Happy – Make Others Happy

Week 20     Happiness Comes from Within – then we can change the without! Please sign up for free info and forward this blog by clicking on heading to make facebook and twitter icons appear at bottom of page – would love to receive your comments!   I just love these little guys singing ‘Happy” by […]

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Please sign up for free info listed to the right. Also, please share or comment on this blog by clicking on the heading – then the facebook and twitter icons will appear at bottom of blog. Thank You!   Five habits and 21 days to being happier – think about it!     Our problem […]

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Think about it – Stop & Breathe

I hope you will share this post and sign up for great free information! Click on title for share icons to show up at the bottom. Would love it if you would leave me a comment and read my other blogs! You got to take time to slow down, stop and breathe! MKMMA Experience – […]

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