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THINK ABOUT IT – Don’t Worry

MKMMA EXPERIENCE – WEEK 12 – DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING Who really thinks about it?   How many really know how their brains work? Ask a 10 – 12 year old how a computer works or a cell phone, and they can help you.   As a person how their brain works and they won’t be […]

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THINK ABOUT IT – opportunity knocking?

 Is opportunity knocking – and you aren’t letting it in?? (week 11) Think about it – that is what we are being taught with our MKMMA course. We are taught to actually stop and think about what it is we would like to do with our lives – not what others think we should do! Then we […]

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THINK ABOUT IT …. “Thoughts effect our Ups and Downs to Bliss” Well, hard to believe we are in week 10 of MKMMA course. The waters were fairly calm this week on my ups and downs to bliss with this course, as we didn’t have a webinar Sunday or Monday night because of Thanksgiving in […]

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