Prayer – thinking good thoughts

MKMMA Experience Week 21 –
Prayer – sending out good/positive thoughts and love to the universe …to create miracles

Dictionary definition of prayer :                                                       love-1207684__180

1. request for help or expression of thanks made to God or a God
2. (prayers) a religious service at which people gather to pray together
3. an earnest hope or wish

For those of you reading the MKMMA blogs you will know that our emphasis is on changing our outer world by positive thinking. Would some call that prayer?


I can remember when I was a church secretary that I would call up our prayer chain if someone wanted the group to pray for a sick loved one etc. and I would always tell them that I believed prayer could change things. That was before I was in this course or had really given prayer a lot of thought, other than I knew in my soul that prayer did help.

Prayer: a group of people all projecting to God or universe good thoughts about the person getting well! Or should I say an alliance of people, like our group, all trying to do a kindness – think good thoughts – for the good of all concerned. Sound like the readings we do daily??

The intro to our Master Key lesson this week reads:
In paragraph 8 you will find that everything which we hold in our consciousness for
any length of time becomes impressed upon our sub-consciousness and so becomes
a pattern which the creative energy will wave into our life and environment. This is
the secret of the wonderful power of prayer.
We know that the universe is governed by law; that for every effect there must be
a cause, and that the same cause, under the same conditions, will invariably
produce the same effect.
Consequently, if prayer has ever been answered, it will always be answered, if the
proper conditions are complied with. This must necessarily be true; otherwise the
universe would be a chaos instead of a cosmos. The answer to prayer is therefore
subject to law, and this law is definite, exact and scientific, just as are the laws
governing gravitation and electricity. An understanding of this law takes the
foundation of Christianity out of the realm of superstition and credulity and places it
upon the firm rock of scientific understanding.
But, unfortunately, there are comparatively few persons who know how to pray.
They understand that there are laws governing electricity, mathematics, and
chemistry, but, for some inexplicable reason, it never seems to occur to them that
there are also spiritual laws, and that these laws are also definite, scientific, exact,
and operate with immutable precision.
Paragraph 8. When we realize these facts concerning mind we understand how we may bring  ourselves any condition by creating the corresponding conditions in our
consciousness, because everything which is held for any length of time in the17416942-silhouette-of-young-woman-jumping-against-sunset-with-blue-sky[1]
consciousness, eventually becomes impressed upon the subconscious and thus  becomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into the life and environment of the individual. 

From the science of spiritual law we learn that every thought creates an impression on the brain, that these impressions create mental tendencies, and these tendencies create character, ability and purpose, and that the combined action of character, ability and purpose determines the experiences with which we shall meet in life.

Our alliance reads information daily to help form good thoughts and one line is “I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects”. Our thoughts, if they are for the good of all and do not take away from anyone, if held, can create miracles. And there are miracles all around us, if we just took time enough to be still and look.

So prayer, a good thought held in our mind, and/or held as a group can change the world and create miracles all around us.

I truly believe, like I felt in my heart many years ago, that prayer (sending out good thoughts) creates miracles all around us. I have seen it happen.  And, it is my prayer that our alliance will educate more and more people to join together in loving thoughts to help our fellow man – our world.

flower-887443_960_720[1]Think about it: Einstein said: There are only two ways to live your life – “One, is as though nothing is a miracle the other as though everything is a miracle.
.. for it is proven that universal energy – good thoughts – prayers – creating miracles around us.

We are all nature’s greatest miracles … our creation and birth was a miracle and we still are. We struggled to walk, but we kept trying, we can still strive to grow and find our bliss…

… let us pray

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Chiara - March 1, 2016

Nice! I also have experienced the power of prayers all my life..true miracles happen, as you say! Thank you for sharing!

    Connie McCracken - March 1, 2016

    Thanks for kind words – and yes miracles happening all around us. Happy week 22. Connie

BArbara - March 1, 2016

I find it amazing that people do not know the science behind prayer and yet it all works according to the Laws of Nature. Thanks for sharing.

    Connie McCracken - March 1, 2016

    Kind thoughts can go a long way! I’m sending you some today. Conne

Dave Bernstrom - February 27, 2016

I love this Connie. I agree with Dan. Amen.
P.S. Marj (my wife) has asthma and was also inspired for what you did for your brother. Hopefully we can connect to learn if what helped your brother may help Marj. God bless.

    Connie McCracken - February 29, 2016

    Sorry I took awhile to reply. Have been very busy but would love to provide information on helping your wife. I no longer get colds/flu each winter that turn into bronchitis and pneumonia. I have written down your email and will send you some information. It makes me happy to pay-forward information that helped me.

Dan The Man - February 24, 2016


Wes Hoffman - February 24, 2016

Awesome, I am not religious and you just explained prayer/ good thought to me so I could lose the stigma I attached to it a lifetime ago thank you.

    Connie McCracken - February 24, 2016

    Thank you for letting me know that you found my blog helpful. I appreciate you taking time to read it, and leaving me a comment. I like to be helpful to others. Wishing you great health and happiness, Connie


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