Remembering Dan Linkert

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Danny Charles Linkert

The year 2020 was already a terrible start to the decade as the world stopped for the Coronavirus and our long quarantine began. But we’d had a brief reprieve and the world was starting to open up and we could get to see some friends and family again.

Then on September 11, 2020, my mind went as it always did to the tragedy of 9/11 in the States. I hoped that this September 11 we would not see any tragic events.  But I did not get my wish. In the afternoon I received a phone call from my dear childhood friend, Judy, that her brother had been killed instantly in a car accident. He was almost home, on Loop Road, Wilberforce, Ontario.

Danny’s early years…

I spent all of my summers at the Linkert Resort on Farquhar Lake. Often still dreaming of my days there.  I loved being on the water and climbing over the rock formations and playing in the woods.   My first time there was as a baby. And, because my parents were both only children the Linkert family replaced for me the loss of having no aunts or uncles or cousins to play with.   So I thought of them as substitute parents and siblings.   Terry, Judy, and then Dan came along.   Dan was like a little brother.

He had a traumatic entry into the world, having to be rushed to Toronto sick kids as soon as he was born.   Ironic that shortly after his tragic and sudden death he would be rushed to Toronto again for an autopsy.  

One of my most heart-pounding memories of Dan one -he never tired of hearing repeated, was when Judy and I were supposed to be watching him while her mom, Eva, was working at the resort.  They had fashioned a fenced portion of the property that he could play in to keep him from the danger of him ending up in the lake they lived on.   Unfortunately, Judy and I got interested in something other than Dan’s safety, and I still feel my heart racing, even as I type this when we realized Dan was missing.  We ran to the waterfront to see if we could see him and prayed he wasn’t under the water.   Next, we started looking on land. Luckily finding him in the parking lot and he (may or may not have been) bending the antennas off of the cars there.   The only thing we cared about was that he was safe!  And Judy and I grew up a bit more to the responsibilities of life!  And Dan was grinning as my dad would say like a ‘mule eating tomatoes’. 

Always helping others…

Dan was a kind and caring man. I appreciated greatly his help with my business of helping people with their health.  That was Dan – always trying to help others.   We both joined, a six-month online course based out of Kawai, Hawaii (Master Key Master Mind Alliance,  MKMMA) to understand the mind better and how it would relate to our business. At the conclusion, Dan decided that he would like to become a counselor the following year.  He wanted to help others around the world change their thoughts and their lives.   He loved the companionship and challenge of mentoring others. Interesting fact – it is actually because of the MKMMA course that I learned how to blog and have my website.

Dan and I with ‘Big Al’ speaker at a network marketing event.

Continuing his theme of helping others, Dan would eventually join a bike-riding fundraiser for children’s cancer research. A special cause to Dan because of the loss of his nephew, who we use to affectionately call BamBam when we saw him as a child.

Dan riding to help with children’s cancer research event.

Danny really devoted so much of his time to helping his mother. And he always called her ‘mother’ – not mom or Ma. And I always meant to ask him why. He even missed many an event because of his concern for her wellbeing. His dad asked him to take care of his mom at his death and he certainly did. So many were proud of his commitment to her welfare.

Dan having some fun time…

I will recall the years that Dan was glad to participate in an annual summer event at our home. Our family and Dan’s sister Judy’s family had been getting together for many summers at an event we called ‘On the Terrace’.   Every year there would be a new theme with different games and ways of having fun.   Dan was always good at finding a new game to bring with him and we all loved the pastries he’d bring down from Linkert bakery.   We’d laugh and tell him – this is like Vegas, what happens ‘On the Terrace’ stays on the Terrace.   And he’d nod and agree.   Lol  

Dan in the background helping to ‘shark’ our son’s car.
Danny clowning around in the pool at ‘On the Terrace’

Dan helping with support and information for ‘Nine Decades – Nine Lives”

Dan was there for me when I wanted to write a book about my dad’s stories in which I would include memories of Linkert Resort.  Even supplying the quote below for the book. Also, Dan not only attended my book launch and bought lots of books for family and friends, he even helped support the sales of my books thru MKMMA – he’d so often go the extra mile.  

Danny’s quote in “Nine Decades – Nine Lives: A Life in Pieces” I remember when Curley would bring up the old records after swapping them out for the latest hits; we would sell them in our store, once I riffled through them for my favourites first. I still have those 45s. Just need a jukebox or three! lol One of my favourite summer moments growing up was when the Curvins came to our resort. Always great fun, lots of laughs, and some amazing stories! They treated you as family. “Here Take this up to the cottage!

A photo in my book “Nine Decades – Nine Lives” of Linkert resort.

Even long after we stopped going to their resort Dan and his mom would still drop in and visit my mom and dad, which was very kind of them.   Dan always loved to hear that my dad had said “Man, that boy can eat”. Danny had a big appetite and would eat hamburger after hamburger until you wondered how he could eat so much and still stay slim.  

Danny helped his community...

Dan loved his community. I use to call him the ‘Grand Poobah” of the parades in his small community and he was always available for committees, fundraisers and to spend hours setting up his toy train collections for the community to enjoy at special events.  

Something many didn’t know about Dan was that he helped with his local theatre group. He helped with most needs; setting up, lighting and even to my surprise acting in some of the plays.   My husband and I had the good fortune of seeing one of his plays that they performed in our hometown.  I was so surprised and proud that he was really a good actor. Especially now that he is no longer here to share his humour, helping hand, and positive attitude, I am even more grateful that I got the chance to see him shine on stage. 

Farewell my friend…

Dan was fond of figuring out what your personality colour code was – training from MKMMA.  Often referring to himself as a WHITE in response to his taking a thoughtful while to decide or act on things – or procrastinating.   Well, I can see him all in white now, as I believe in heaven, and he’s up there trying to lend a hand.    I also think he was met by his brother-in-law and our dear friend Kev and other loved ones.   

From left – Dan, sister Judy, mother Eva and brother-in-law Kevin.

You will be missed by many Dan, but especially by your mother Eva, brother Terry and sister, Judy. I hear your cat Buddy sits by the window watching for you.   Also by your nieces and nephews, cousins, and friends. But also by the many that came to you for assistance.   As for me, I’ll keep trying to think positive and have fun, no matter what. And look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

Tribute to Dan, written with help of his neice Tammy Knowlton (Linkert)

Big hugs, Conster  (McCracken)

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Barbara - October 16, 2020

I am sorry for everyone’s loss…. often life is hard to figure..blessing of love and light, happiness and health,,,
barbara williams

Richard - October 13, 2020

Thank you for sharing. I was blessed enough to have Dan as a guide for the MKMMA. He was certainly one of a kind and will he missed. Glad to see a glimpse into his life I had not seen. Sorry for your loss!

Arlene Laskey - October 11, 2020

Thank you for sharing Danny with us. I only knew him briefly and could see right away he was a special soul. Peace to you.

Penny Kozoriz - October 8, 2020

Just Beautiful and very well written.

    Connie McCracken - October 9, 2020

    Thank you very much. Your kind words are appreciated greatly!!

    Connie McCracken - February 11, 2021

    Thank you for your kind words!

karen hood - October 8, 2020

i was surprised to see that danny has passed we went to school together may his family find peace in the coming months and years he was a very nice guy rest in peace dan

    Connie McCracken - October 9, 2020

    Aww How kind of you to comment. Your kind words are greatly appreciated and I will let his family know you said so. Take care also during these anxious times.

Luc Griffet - October 7, 2020

Thank you Connie for this beautiful tribute to Danny, which helps us to know him better and to keep him alive in our heart. Dear Danny, continue to inspire us from your new place and to thrive as the great soul that you are.

    Connie McCracken - October 9, 2020

    Thank you very much for your kind words/thoughts. He had a kind thoughtful soul and will be missed by many. I hope you and your family stay safe during these anxious times.


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