Think about helping our world!

Well, graduation has come and gone. Our MKMMA course came to an end, but our work on ourselves and our desires and dreams have not! We all continue to try and help our world.

We were offered a lifelong membership and option to continue on monthly for a while, which I am doing, but we are all now more self-directed and we continue to read our Definite Major Purpose, do our readings and continue to learn and grow.

What we think manifests, so we need to think about saving our world…helping those with little food and water … help those that are sick. Bottom line, too much is being said about sickness, evil and not enough about health and goodness. We all need to think HEALTH, GOODNESS AND ABUNDANCE to help save the world. We all need to be reading newspapers filled with good things in life.

When I saw the following video “Interview with God” and the majesty of the world – such wonderful sights to see. I felt blessed. We are here to help our world, as a universal mind, to keep it  beautiful , majestic and bountiful.   We need to keep our soil pure and food organic.   We need clear air and lungs.  We need to laugh often and enjoy nature.

What is your definite major purpose in life? What hidden gifts do you have to share, that you haven’t even thought about, you have been so busy just trying to get from week to week. TAKE 15 MINUTES TO SIT AND QUIETLY THINK ABOUT IT – every day and see how you can change your world and the world around you.

There is abundance for all – Think about it!!


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Roz Garrett - May 16, 2016

I am amazed by the interview with God. Love it, Thank you sister angel

    Connie McCracken - May 16, 2016

    What a sweet, lovely comment, I am so glad to have you to mastermind with!!

Greg Lassig - April 12, 2016

Thanks Connie, well written & wonderful video!?

    Connie McCracken - April 12, 2016

    Thank you ! Really appreciate your kind comments. Hoping you are having a wonderful week. Connie


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