THINK ABOUT IT – Showering Thoughts

Week 13 – THINK ABOUT IT – Best thoughts in the shower?

Showering Thoughts – and I am thinking the Minions are so cute LOL

This may seem like a funny blog, but I think I do my best thinking in the shower. And I have been thinking a lot about it. At the end of this blog I would like you to comment on what you think about the many things I think about. For those MKMMA course members, I am giving you permission to please give me your opinions.
I commented to my business partner one day, that I do my best thinking in the shower. But I can’t remember if we had started our course yet or not.

What I wonder about is…

The masterkey system says that only in the still do you meet with God/universal mind. Now it is not quiet in the shower. And, yes, sometimes I am even singing. LOL “Maybe I should put that in the combination section of the alliance” as I was singing “I can be, what I will to be”, just this morning in the shower.
But …
1. Even before I started this course that was where I seemed to get a lot of the answers to what I was thinking.
2. I incorporate some of the brain gym exercises my business partner gave me – which are similar to the hand to knee exercises we just learned about in MKMMA to get both sides of the brain working.
3. I think the positive ions that we use to hear about must help me – I will have to google if that is still a scientific fact – something else to think about. LOL
4. I use a visualization technique in the shower I learned from a young healer in Canada that has helped my health.
5. On my journey to health I have experienced a lot of different types of healing, so I often even say if someone from the spirit world has attached themselves to me and are taking my energy that I would respectfully ask them to leave.
6. The heat of the water helps my aches and pains and washes away my worries and refreshes my health and soul.
7. My guardian angels have helped me so much during my health issues, but I think they answer me most in the shower.
8. I seem to look directly into my face when I exit the shower ….

So I ask you with all of the noise and movement I do in the shower, I wonder why I do my best thinking there???

Something else to think about – I was talking about my blog with my friend and fellow MKMMA member and business partner – and mentioned that my theme was “Think about It” and he said well, of course, it is – you say that all the time. I hadn’t realized I said it all the time – so something else to ponder and think about …..






Wishing all a wonderful 2016 and so happy that our alliance is going to help make it better each day in so many ways!!




Looking forward to hearing your comments and

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Sherry Bumgardner - December 26, 2015

I finally figured out how to get to your MKMMA Blog! This is great!
I mostly sing in the shower, it always make me sound pretty good! Lol! But yes it’s a super place to do some serious thinking; while picturing the water as cleansing bright light! Right on! Nice blog!
Always with much Aloha?

    Connie McCracken - December 28, 2015

    thanks so much for your great reply and taking time to find my blog!! wishing you great health and wealth in 2016

Linda - December 26, 2015

My considered assessment is that with all those thoughts you’re proposing, you must have spent the better part of the last week IN THE SHOWER!!!
Also, maybe it’s not so must about total stillness, but that in the shower you still the part of your mind that blocks insights, so they can get through. I know if I really need insight I go play piano for a while — with a pen & paper handy, cuz the insights come pretty quickly while I’m “in music land”.

Jason Parachnowitsch - December 25, 2015

perhaps you are the most open to ideas when your at peace. The shower is as good a place as any!! Don’t overthink it Connie … If thats where you do good some thinking then stay clean and shower often 🙂

    Connie McCracken - December 28, 2015

    LOL our water is metered. Thanks for reading my blog!

Dan The Man - December 21, 2015

Well my lovely Connie.
I would have to say that the reason for your best thinking to be in the shower is simple.
1/The heat and steam opens your pores so your inner self is more open to receiving.
2/The sound of the water is like being under the falls in nature. More in tune with nature.
3/The fact that you are ( and I am assuming this fact ) in there alone with no interruptions from the world without.
So with all this you are in harmony with the universe, which takes your mind to places inside the world within.
It’s elementary. Just think about it!


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