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Week 16 MKMMA Experience – Give Kindness – Get Kindness

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Our week of kindness …
In our MKMMA course this week we were asked to go and do random acts of kindness and see kindnesses around us.
The idea was to give without anyone knowing. If you could help someone in their job, by tidying up garbage or pushing grocery carts back to the store. Helping anyone you saw in need. Give food to needy; shovel snow from a laneway; do an errand for someone ill, etc. Put coins in car meters so people could park for free; pay for the next persons coffee in a drivethru.. which all helps our world be a better place!
But, there was more to our homework then they expressed. We were to only see the good kind things that happened and post our comments on an alliance page for all to read . What kindnesses we had done and what kindnesses we had seen.  ‘Cause, you can’t feel bad when you are seeing so much good – there really is a lot of kindness in the world if you start looking around.
Our master keys lesson for week 16 describes how to direct our thoughts to create the lives we want. Line 27 “If our thought is constructive and harmonious we manifest good; if it is destructive and discordant we manifest evil.” So it goes … that if we are only doing and seeing kindness all week long – we are probably going to experience it as well.
And the good news is – if you can see kindness, generosity and love in the outside world, that means you have kindness, generosity and love already within you!!!


I think I try to be kind most days, but really thought about stepping it up this week and will continue to try and do more all year long, but what I really want to mention is what came back to me.
I noticed, really noticed a note my husband left for me. I found out late the night before that I had made it onto a list of accomplishment with my company – very much to my surprise. (I also thank my business partner for her kind words when she told me and it wouldn’t have happened without her – we are a team.) So, I told my husband just as he was going to sleep, as I was pretty surprised. He goes to work very early, while I work from home and get to sleep in later. So I often come out to little notes on our kitchen table  about something. But the morning after I told him I was on a top 10 list he had left me one of his notes, and I really thought about how kind he can be. Still makes me cry…

Proud of my ‘top ten’ Bubba J (a nickname for me LOL)   clipart-smiley-face-smiley-face-clip-art-1024x1024[1]
Yeah Connie – Way to Go!
Hard work and a Good Heart pays off!        Love Dave

Must be the course and this week?? Because I felt like that was one of the kindest things he had ever said to me. I think I really read his note and was so moved by his kind words. I taped the scrawled note on my screenshot of my name on the list and taped to the wall in front of my computer. I told him how much his KIND words meant to me, but I don’t think he could even realize how much.

I also want to give a ‘shout out’ to a friend that I met once at an Alan Doyle concert with a couple of her friends and I am so glad we stayed connected through facebook because she is a fun and caring person. I had an Alan Doyle song on my last week’s blog so I thought she would be interested in it. Again I felt such kindness – she said she loved it and was going to forward on to Alan. But she also re-posted it on her page and told her friends that I was a nice gal and that they should check it out. How kind!! One of her friends commented that it was just what she was looking for, so maybe she will be a future pay-it-forward member. So thanks Michelle – you are a sweetie.

So, my last week’s blog was about starting your day saying “This Will be the Best Day of my Life”. Well, when it comes to kindness – this has been the best week of my MKMMA life! I’ve tried to spread a little kindness and I received so much more!

So my waters are calming – harmony abounds. I am one lucky lady!

Video below takes showing a little kindness to the next step…

To my fellow alliance – we’re in a Pay-It-Forward community – receiving kindness. Pass it on. We can do and give more. We can do more as the above video from Mark J’s blog describes. Let’s circle the globe in harmony! And the above video is getting me back on track re my journey to helping children with autism.

Next week I hope to blog about my journey so far – anyone want to join me in my quest??

Wishing you all great health, wealth, happiness and many kindnesses in your future!

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Carole Manzi - January 17, 2016


    Connie McCracken - January 17, 2016

    Thanks Carole for your kind words – kindness week was awesome. Hard to believe we are to week 17!!

Wendy Tebbutt - January 16, 2016

Aloha Connie, I had saved your link to your new blog in my MKMMA file folder and I’m so glad I did. What a fabulous blog! Thanks for the Glen Campbell clip 🙂 Congrats on your achievement with the company – WOW! And, mahalo for sharing about your hubby’s note to you – that was so sweet and so kind! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

    Connie McCracken - January 16, 2016

    Wow, Wendy, thanks for the great comments on my blog. I appreciate your KIND comments, especially during our kindness week.

Day Boswell - January 16, 2016

Very interested in your challenge, Connie. LOVE your post. Haven’t heard Glen’s song in ages. Sure summarizes the amazement of this week. Keep it up, girl!

    Connie McCracken - January 16, 2016

    Thanks so much for your Kind comments. Yes, I have been interested in helping children with children on the autism spectrum for awhile. I usually wait to see what our Sunday webinar says re any special blog requests, but I really want to blog about my story so hope you will check it out next week and it would be great to chat more about it!!! Have an awesome week 17. Connie

    Connie McCracken - January 23, 2016

    Ladyday – did you see week 17 re autism – you mentioned you were interested? http://www.masterkey.conniemccracken.com Hope you have a great new week.

Dan the Man - January 15, 2016

I always knew Davy was a special guy. You did well landing him Conster! I love the Clen Campbell song. Don’t know why I didn’t pick that one. Guess that shows are age difference. I’d say this would be a easy week for you as kindness is what you are all about.

    Connie McCracken - January 16, 2016

    Oh, you are such a sweetie! You always say such kind things – even when it is not kindness week LOL So glad you joined me on this special journey. What age difference! LOL


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