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Success Magazine, Managing Editor, Mary V., interviews Connie McCracken about her quick rise in network marketing –

October 27, 2015….  (Fictitious article re MKMMA training)



Mary:   So, Connie, to who, do you credit being able to rise so fast in your company.

Connie:   Well, Mary, it was a long journey of discovery and it took many people and circumstances to get me here, but I have to give a lot of the credit to Mark and Davene J. and the MKMMA team!

Mary:   So how did your journey start?

Connie:   Well, in a way, I guess it started when I was young.   I had a lot of illnesses, including severe migraine headaches, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, many chronic infections – the list went on and on until I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have surgery and 7 weeks of radiation daily.   After that I was in really rough shape and decided I needed to take my health into my own hands.   I tried many alternative ways of healing which, many were good, but I really credit finding out about Immunocal.   It changed my health and my life! Now I can eat in restaurants, travel and try to help others by recommending and providing information on all of the ways Immunocal can prevent and reverse disease.

Mary:   So how was your business in the beginning?

Connie:   It made me pretty sad, actually.   I knew and wanted to help people’s health the way I had been helped, but it was hard to make people realize the benefits of the product.  Even before I started the MKMMA program I was trying to Pay-It-Forward.   I had seen the movie and when I worked in a church I always wanted to hold a Pay-It-Forward workshop, but with my health, I just didn’t have the energy I needed for all of the things I wanted to accomplish.   (Laughing)   My email address is momma_mccracken which my son set up for me and I was very busy with my sons and their friends.   As they were athletic,  I wish I had known about Immunocal back then, because it is so important for athletes and Health Canada just approved, from our studies, that we can claim 13 percent increase in muscle strength/performance using Immunocal.   new sports logo

Mary:   Wow that will make a huge difference for athletes.

Connie:   Yes, we have Olympians using the product, but it is even greater to think that this will help the aging population build up muscle, especially after wasting has occurred because of low glutathione levels.   If they build muscle they can eventually get rid of walkers etc. and instead of living the last ten years of our lives in a nursing home with Immunocal helping our immune systems, we can live active, productive lives before our spirits leave us.  

Mary: So how did you come across the MKMMA program?  

Connie:   Well, my upline (business partner and friend) and I have been trying to get new skills by listening to some of the network marketers before us.   And can I add in here, right now, that I am pretty excited to being interviewed by the magazine that made Richard Bliss Brooke famous – along with helping to show people what a great business network marketing is!!! Anyway, thru Richard and then Big Al we were eventually led to Mark J and I loved his ‘meat and potatoes’ way of looking at things.   I had the answers I had been searching for …. And the course, like Immunocal, saved my life in many ways … It did make me happier, healthier and as I always wish people, wealthier, so I could ultimately help more people – after all, I am the momma, LOL.

Mary:   But, what was it about the course that really changed your business?

Connie: Well, Mary, they make you think differently, actually with a different part of your brain, so your subconscious helps you be a different person.   It is hard to describe, it does so much for you, you should take the course, Mary, to understand it totally, but the bottom line is you ask yourself what it is you really want and you write what they term a ‘Definite Major Purpose’ or press release for your life and you tell your subconscious it has already happened over and over and over again, until it cosmically starts to come true.   Many people don’t stop and ask themselves what they really want, they have just been on this road of what other people tell them they should be doing.   You start to find your bliss….

On my DMP, I set some pretty high goals for myself!   My son use to say “Go big, or Go Home” and your conscious mind will tell you it is impossible to reach extravagant goals, but your subconscious mind has no preconceptions – telling it you want to make $1.00 by the end of the week is no different to it than saying you want to make $1,000.00.   Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t just always get a pile of money at your door – more likely you will get an idea on how to make $1,000.00 but if you trust yourself, and loose the fear of what others think, it is totally possible.

Look what I did.   I started out asking for small things, and milestones, but once I knew I was reaching them I knew the sky was the limit, and if I wanted to help others, I needed to help myself first.  

Mary:   But could you use this towards a selfish end?

Connie:   No, that is beauty of it.   If a religious person would say ‘the little voice in your head’ is God, or Universal power/energy, it works, only, if it does not hurt anyone but benefits all – Isn’t that wonderful.   Just think what the world will be like when we all try to help each other.   For year’s my quote has been “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along” and with the MKMMA system, you love family and friends and get rid of all those negative feelings – forgive, don’t be so opinionated and see how much more energy you have for life ….

You learn to talk in a language that people understand. You might think your cousin should join your business, because you helped move him 25 times , lol, but we all have different personality types and everyone’s subconscious has been fed different info.   You have to learn to talk to others in terms they can understand and if you can help them to also learn to control their thoughts in the ways that help you, that is the ultimate dream!

Mary:   So what did your ultimate goal feel like?

Connie: well, not sure my ultimate purpose in life has come and gone yet, Mary, but I was elated to walk across the recognition stage at major events in my company. The company is based near Montreal, Quebec, Canada, so each time you get a double ‘Quebec kiss on each cheek’ and a flag presenting the colour of the plateau you have just met.   On my DMP, I went for the GOLD first, which I made in 2016.   And then worked my way up level after level, because I wanted to help children with autism.   Our product is helping children with autism speak and interact again, and seeing how happy parents were to see their children speak and interact with them, brought tears of joy to my eyes, so I wanted to make sure I had enough money to help them more and have ways to educate people, so that they would realize that it is better to prevent cancer or heal it without harsh chemicals.   I wanted a world of peace and good health. I am still striving for that!

 Mary: So how did you become so interested in children with autism, did you have a family member you wanted to help?

 Connie:   No, Mary, that actually goes back to the time when I had cancer.   I had always wanted to write a children’s book, and as a child wrote many little stories. I had to stop and sit quiet because of my illness, and that is when ideas come to you, and you are not quite sure why.   I had been hearing on the news etc. about how many children in 10 were being diagnosed with autism and I wondered why.   One day in the video store when I was looking for something funny to watch to help my health I was somehow redirected to a video called “Indigo” about children with special abilities.   A long story short, I read more about these children and I wanted to help them – thus while recovering from cancer I was led from person to person, author to author, that helped me write and self-publish a book called “Indigo Boy and Crystalline Girl” to help these children feel special and help their parents know how special their child is.   Luckily my son had a friend who did wonderful illustrations for me, and my book launch was such a thrill.  

Mary: So, what do you see yourself doing from here?

Connie:   Well, of course, my family has to come first.   I love travelling with my husband, seeing concerts, I love music and to dance, and we can now afford to have our children join us.   But, I just plan to help as many people as I can – in as many ways as I can.   To help build a better world…. And I hope that this interview will reach the hearts of many … you can be healthier, happier and make a difference – ‘Let Your Light Shine’     Thank you, Mary,   I wish you great health, wealth and happiness! You can be, what you will to be…

Mary:   Thank you, Connie, I hope all your wishes come true! It has been great hearing what is possible!




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